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03 Dec 2021
kompany news | 2 min read

kompany enters into a definitive agreement to join Moody’s Analytics

We are pleased to announce today that kompany has entered into a defin...

By kompany
29 Nov 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

November 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

The snow is falling outside our home offices here in Vienna and that m...

29 Oct 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

October 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

As we get ready to adjust our clocks here in Austria, it’s time to rec...

14 Oct 2021

Get Caught Up: The Pandora Papers (Everything You Need to Know)

By now everyone has heard (and is talking) about the latest bombshell ...

30 Sep 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

September 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

September has come and gone which means it’s time for another edition ...

31 Aug 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

August 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

The end of August means there is an entire month worth of news to catc...

18 Aug 2021

kompany partners with Phundex to supercharge their investment platform

Leading global RegTech kompany now offers the Phundex platform instant...

30 Jul 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

July 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

For many organisations and industries, summertime can often mark a slo...

28 Jul 2021

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Disclosure in the European Union (What You Need to Know)

Throughout the European Union, member states have been subject to vari...

27 Jul 2021

kompany partners with AsiaVerify to facilitate safer international business

Going global has never been easier: AsiaVerify and kompany partner to ...