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Written by Julia Prkna
on September 14, 2016
NEW YORK, 14 September 2016 – The second day of the two-day Blockchain World Congress began today in New York, bringing together blockchain experts and representatives of some 20 companies including IBM, DELOITTE and MICROSOFT.

Along with the five other panelists, Russell E. Perry, the co-founder and co-CEO of kompany, will discuss applications of the blockchain technology beyond the financial sector (insurance, healthcare, public sector, supply chain).


The developer and user panel discussion is the fifth in a series of presentations and discussions as part of the congress aimed at tackling the crucial question: ‘How will blockchain revolutionize the flow of payments and data across global markets?’

Other topics discussed at the congress include but are not limited to investors’ perspectives on blockchain investments, blockchain security and identity, blockchain application to the real estate industry and the future of blockchain.

At the joint conference of the European Commerce Registers’ Forum and Corporate Registers’ Forum in June 2016, kompany announced moving information on 100 million companies onto the blockchain for KYC/KYB.

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