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Written by Jackie Whiting
on February 12, 2021

Perhaps unsurprisingly, women tend to be among the most underrepresented in the tech industry’s workforce, and unfortunately RegTech offers no exceptions. Making up no more than 35% of the industry, women in RegTech are outnumbered by their male counterparts, especially when it comes to who holds key leadership positions - though this is not the case at kompany, where women hold key positions across each organisational level and also in departments typically represented significantly by men. 

However, with the occasional outlier aside, FinTech paints a similar picture to RegTech where female representation is concerned. For example, women account for only 17% of all founders, and with less than 5% of investments go toward female founded companies. 

But despite what might seem like discouraging statistics, there are women doing incredible things in our industry and we’re spotlighting a few of them to share their contributions with our global community of readers. Here are five influential women to watch in RegTech in 2021. 

1. Sian Lewin

Sian Lewin is one of the co-founders of RegTech Associates, the largest independent network of RegTech platforms, regulated financial institutions and regulatory experts working together to collaborate on industry-wide goals. She leads the organisation’s research and content generation activities, working with RegTechs and regulated companies alike to help them improve and scale their operations.

Upon the realisation that there was no singular community bringing the female talent of RegTech together, Sian created RegTech Women in 2019 to build a professional network for women in the industry. Sian was featured on Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlists in 2019 and 2020. 

With more than 2 decades of experience helping international financial institutions like JP Morgan, UBS and RBS increase their ability to respond to the evolving regulatory climate, Dr. Sian Lewin is certainly a woman to watch in RegTech. 

Follow her on LinkedIn or visit her website.

2. Lucy Heavens

Lucy Heavens boasts a loaded resume with over 20 years of experience helping global technology firms and scale-ups achieve their full marketing potential. She does everything from product and partner marketing to digital marketing, lead generation and communications.

A self-described “tech geek”, Lucy has been recognised for her thought leadership and expertise spanning FinTech, RegTech, WealthTech, Big Data and Digital Transformation and is a regular staple of the Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech Influencers list. She is also a Top 10 Expert on the Onalytica 100 RegTech Influencers list and appeared  in the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlist first in 2017 and most recently in 2019.

Lucy, like her colleague Sian Lewin, is a co-founder of RegTech Women where she also holds a position on its Advisory Board. She’s an outspoken voice in the community and we’re excited to see her continue her work to bring women in the industry together throughout 2021. 

Follow Lucy on LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Jane Jee

Jane Jee has a broad background of legal and compliance experience, having worked for a diverse group of companies, including internet payment gateways, mobile phone payment companies, money transmitters and more throughout the past 30 years. 

A bonafide payment expert, Jane holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association (ICA), and also taught ICA post-grad students about the future of payments including new developments in payment and compliance technology and also changes to the regulatory environment. 

Jane shares her vast industry knowledge with her community by publishing articles on anti-money laundering, speaking at conferences and advocating for the widespread adoption of RegTech as a means to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of compliance practices. 

You can follow Jane Jee on Twitter.

4. Jo Ann Barefoot

Jo Ann Barefoot is what you could call a RegTech triple threat, serving as the CEO and Founder of the Alliance for Innovative Regulation, Co-founder of Hummingbird Regtech, and host of her own podcast, Barefoot Innovation. 

She’s served in key positions at KPMG, the Treliant Risk Advisors, as well as the United States Senate Banking Committee. Currently Jo Ann acts as an angel investor and maintains a busy schedule supporting various FinTech and RegTech related groups throughout the United States, including chairing the board of directors of FinRegLab. In 2020 Jo Ann was inducted into the FinTech Hall of Fame by CB Insights, a market intelligence platform that analyses millions of data points to offer meaningful takeaways about emerging industries, venture capital trends, startups and innovation.

Jo Ann’s work centers on the meeting place between the old and new, specifically how industries like RegTech and FinTech are transforming our world, and what we can do to embrace these advancements as a force for good. 

Follow Jo Ann on LinkedIn or find her website.

5. Nicola Cowburn

Nicola Cowburn is another busy woman working in the RegTech space who has an impressive list of achievements behind her. A recognised thought leader who champions innovation for financial services, Nicola has devoted her marketing expertise to technology driven SMEs as well as scale-ups, helping both types of organisations grow into global organisations. 

We appreciate Nicola for her attention to addressing the diversity gaps across our industry, which she combats by serving as a mentor for young women, helping them to build confidence while also empowering them to seize opportunities, appreciate their worth and maximise their contributions. 

Nicola is regularly featured in Planet Compliance’s list of the Top 50 RegTech Influencers, is an Onalytica Top 100 RegTech Influencer and has appeared on the Women in FinTech Powerlist every year since its inception.

Follow Nicola on LinkedIn.

What did you think of our list of influential women working in RegTech? Is there someone we missed that you believe deserves to make it onto our list?  Leave us a comment on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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