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Jackie Whiting

Jackie serves as Senior Content Manager at kompany where she leads the editorial and social media strategy for the brand, while also helping to define and execute the organisation's digital marketing initiatives. She has created content for brands across Europe and North America since 2012.
31 Dec 2020
Monthly Roundups | 3 min read

5 Best RegTech Stories of 2020 (by kompany)

The year is finally at its end and while most of us spent it entirely ...

03 Dec 2020
Regulatory News AMLD6 | 4 min read

The 6th Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD6): What You Need to Know

It’s official: the European Union’s Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Direct...

30 Nov 2020
Monthly Roundups | 4 min read

November 2020 Monthly RegTech Roundup

November is at an end and with it, an impressive collection of stories...

27 Nov 2020

Watch Now: kompany Talks KYC onchain with CoinGeek

At kompany, we are proud to offer our clients a quick and efficient wa...

06 Nov 2020
Events | 1 min read

You are invited to Spin Off Austria Conference 2020

We’re pleased to invite you to join Spin Off Austria 2020, a brand new...

30 Oct 2020
Monthly Roundups | 4 min read

Monthly RegTech Roundup (October Edition)

It’s the end of another month which means it’s time for the October Re...

30 Sep 2020
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

Monthly RegTech Roundup (September Edition)

Here in Europe, autumn has officially arrived and with the colder temp...

28 Sep 2020
Interview | 11 min read

Interview with an Investor: Sitting Down with John Vorrias

We recently welcomed Fairway Global Investment as one of kompany’s new...

24 Sep 2020
Interview | 7 min read

Interview with an Investor: Sitting Down with Naoki Kamimaeda

When kompany first welcomed Global Brain onboard as an investor, it ma...

16 Sep 2020
| 5 min read

The 5 Best Ted Talks on Blockchain for Beginners

It seems as if every year there's a new technology emerging that's poi...