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Jackie Whiting

Jackie serves as Senior Content Manager at kompany where she leads the editorial and social media strategy for the brand, while also helping to define and execute the organisation's digital marketing initiatives. She has created content for brands across Europe and North America since 2012.
29 Apr 2022
Monthly Roundups | 4 min read

April 2022 Monthly RegTech Roundup

April marked the perfect occasion to celebrate here at kompany. If you...

20 Apr 2022
kompany news | 3 min read

Introducing: kompany’s new Developer Portal

We are excited to share with you that our Developer Portal is finally ...

31 Mar 2022
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

March 2022 Monthly RegTech Roundup

We’ve arrived at the end of another busy, and historic, month at kompa...

08 Mar 2022
| 5 min read

Our Favourite Advice from Today's Women of RegTech

Navigating a field that’s ever-evolving is no easy task. That task bec...

28 Feb 2022
Monthly Roundups | 6 min read

February 2022 Monthly RegTech Roundup

The shortest month of the year will surely go down as one of the busie...

31 Jan 2022
Monthly Roundups | 6 min read

January 2022 Monthly RegTech Roundup

The start of a new year can mean many different things to different pe...

29 Nov 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

November 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

The snow is falling outside our home offices here in Vienna and that m...

29 Oct 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

October 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

As we get ready to adjust our clocks here in Austria, it’s time to rec...

14 Oct 2021

Get Caught Up: The Pandora Papers (Everything You Need to Know)

By now everyone has heard (and is talking) about the latest bombshell ...

30 Sep 2021
Monthly Roundups | 5 min read

September 2021 Monthly RegTech Roundup

September has come and gone which means it’s time for another edition ...