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27 Nov 2020
Blockchain News KYC onchain | 1 min read

Watch Now: kompany Talks KYC onchain with CoinGeek

At kompany, we are proud to offer our clients a quick and efficient wa...

03 Nov 2020
Blockchain | 3 min read

Regulation and Blockchain: A Perfect Pairing

Regulation has always been a topic for discussion in blockchain. Typic...

22 Oct 2020
Blockchain | 1 min read

KYC onchain: Real-Time Business KYC for BSV

This past October we joined a long list of incredible speakers who pre...

13 Oct 2020
Blockchain | 3 min read

The Biggest Misconceptions About Blockchain, Debunked

Blockchain technology has become one of the most high-profile emerging...

02 Feb 2017

Blockchain Technology : From Hype to Reality | Russell E. Perry | TEDxMünster

Watch kompany Founder and CEO Russell E. Perry explain Blockchain and ...

14 Sep 2016
Blockchain Events | 1 min read

CEO of kompany.com to speak at the Blockchain World Congress

NEW YORK, 14 September 2016 – The second day of the two-day Blockchain...